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Healthy Skin. Powerful Ingredients. Effective Results.

TAHNYC is made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral and essential oils, colorants, fragrances, silicones and all alcohols but we’ve gone even further. TAHNYC is made without unnecessary fillers, texture makers and slip agents. This makes TAHNYC exceptionally effective while beautifully Dew like.

TAHNYC feels like Dew. And when we say Dew we truly mean like drops of water. Our signature Dew consistency comes about because we choose not to add bulking, filler, texturizing add-ons to our formulas. The texture of our products is guided by actives themselves. A powerful product does not need to feel thick or oily to be effective as most actives are water light.

Fillers, slip agents and texture makers in products are inactive ingredients that are used to create feel, texture, lubrication and bulk, examples of fillers for us are polymers, cross polymers, pegs, silicones, fatty alcohols, any ingredient with vinyl in the word. We also categorize ingredients that do not benefit the skin but are simply used to create a feel, texture or are used as a feel good in the formula as fillers.

Fillers don’t enhance the product's effectiveness in any way, they’re not necessarily there for skin. Fillers are primarily used to give a product a feel, texture or slip on the skin, and to fill out the product making it less expensive to produce. Meaning less actives more feel good.

We create peptide powered active centered filler free molecular skincare with focus on skin health and effective results.

We’re the first and only Brand dedicated to creating filler free skincare, shifting the standards of “beauty” to focus on skin health, skin care and effective results. We primarily work with actives and prefer to formulate solely with them. Actives are ingredients that have scientific data to show they’re effective at addressing a skin concern.

To us clean filler free beauty doesn't mean natural vs synthetic as we use both. Our goal is skin health, effective results and safe science driven ingredients first. We focus on powerful ingredients and nothing else. Every ingredient we use has to benefit the skin in a meaningful way. We do not use a natural or synthetic ingredient unless they make an impact and truly benefit our skin.

We use Cellular Peptides paired with powerful skin identical, skin replenishing Molecules and organic Naturals to replenish and activate the skin’s natural function. Every ingredient is carefully selected to effectively care for skin, Dermal Wellness and Dermal Science working together in harmony.

We believe in powerful science backed ingredients, real effective results and healthy skin. 

Not beauty, but skin care and skin health… healthy skin is our skin.