our Story

TAHNYC is beauty without unnecessary fillers, texture makes and slip agents

What began with a personal journey grew into passion that drives us. And it all started with a single question. “We have the choice to remove fillers from our food. Shouldn't we have the choice to remove fillers from our skin?”

TAHNYC is redefining beauty. We create beauty care without unnecessary fillers, slip agents and texture makers.

Our goal is simple, you know that moment when you look in the mirror and you realize your Skin looks Awesome! Yep! We want to help get your skin feeling happy and healthy. It's not magic, there are very few lucky people who have perfect skin, for most people (yes, even the ones who look like they have perfect skin) it takes real work. For us, it starts with Dermal Wellness, a concept we created and discuss a lot at TAHNYC. It's a different way of thinking about beauty and it's focused on one question, How do I get my skin feeling happy and healthy? We believe Dermal Wellness and Dermal Science work together in harmony. This belief informs everything we create.

Our focus is on replenishing ingredients that exist in your skin, you might know them as skin identical or skin replenishing ingredients in balance with peptide care. We use powerful proven ingredients and omit unnecessary fillers, texture makers and slip agents, this includes no-no add-ons and toxins leaving our products exceptionally effective while beautifully Dew like.

TAHNYC is pronounced Tonic. We fell in love with the name because it’s synonymous with being restorative.

So, what does TAHNYC feel like? The best way to describe it is it feels Dew like. That's because we use powerful proven ingredients and nothing else!

TAHNYC started with a personal journey and we want to share that story with you.

“It all really started after I found out that I developed a Contact Allergy to parabens and the entire botanical Sunflower Family, also known as the Asteraceae family, which includes over 30,000 species of common botanicals such as chamomile, calendula and, of course sunflowers. I never experienced allergies as a child nor as an adult, then one day that changed.

Among many of my internal symptoms, the reactions would leave my face covered in oozing painful pustules that would crack and continue to puss for days. So when I heard from my doctors with simple instructions, ‘remove all products that contain these allergens’, little did I know that that was the easy part.

The allergic reactions left my skin sensitized and unable to tolerate fillers, slip agents and texture makers. Even after I removed all allergens from my skin, I found that my skin was still exceptionally reactive and not going back to ‘normal’. Being sensitive or reactive to additives in cosmetics is not so unusual, quite a large number of people are reactive or allergic to ingredients found in cosmetics. Most people tend to think "oh I just broke out, just feel a bit itchy, or have some red bumps that will go away, soon, I hope" when really their skin is reacting. The key is being tested. For me, I finally knew what was wrong, but I wasn’t prepared for skin sensitization which left me with only one option, water.

I remember the moment TAHNYC began so clearly. I was standing in Whole Foods looking for a dish sponge, I picked up the Twist Naked Sponge and that's when you might say I lost it. ‘Wait, I can pick up a filler free sponge, I can get a filler free toothpaste, but I can't find filler free skin care!?!’ This wasn’t right, our skin is the largest organ of our body, we desperately needed a choice! That was the exact moment that TAHNYC was born. And the moment that changed everything.” - Irene Barsky TAHNYC CEO

We’re building a different kind of company, we want to help you love your skin, we deeply care about our customers and hope they care about us. We're here to help you, and help others not feel so alone, secretly hating their skin. If you need us, reach out. There is an option, there is a choice!

It’s time! Dare to Go Bare. TRY TAHNYC