Dermal Wellness

Let's talk about Dermal Wellness, there's a lot of talk about dermal science and that's very important when it comes to how products are formulated and what the product does. But, there's very little talk about Dermal Wellness.

Dermal Wellness is a concept we created and discuss a lot at Tahnyc. It's a different way of thinking about skin care and it's focused on one question, How do I get my skin feeling happy and healthy? It's not magic, there are very few lucky people who have perfect skin, for most people (yes, even the ones who look like they have perfect skin) it takes real work.

I started thinking about Dermal Wellness after I had removed all allergens from my skin, but found that my skin was still exceptionally reactive and was not going back to "normal". That was the first time I realized that it wasn't about going back to normal, that would never happen, this was my new normal. That's when my focus shifted and I began thinking about Dermal Wellness, how do I get and keep my skin feeling and looking great?

At Tahnyc, we believe Dermal Wellness and Dermal Science work together in harmony. This belief informs everything we create. With that, we also wanted to share a few things that could help get you started regardless whether you use our products or something else.

The key to Dermal Wellness is creating a consistent skin care routine for morning and night. When you eat breakfast everyday and then one day you skip, you know how your stomach growls and you feel off? That's because your stomach remembers your routine. Well, your skin loves routine too and consistency is key.

Keep things simple. Start with one or two products at a time, take the time to see how your skin reacts. Remember, you can always add more products!

Select 1 or 2 areas you'd like to focus and work on. Ex., dryness and flare ups. Fine lines and even skin tone. This will help inform your routine.

Don't be afraid to ask for help. If you need help creating a routine Reach Out we're happy to help! And don't forget about your dermatologist, they're there to help.

Dermal Wellness is a lot about developing a consistent routine. Even if you just use water in the morning and night, being consistent will help to keep your skin happy and healthy. And remember, be patient with your skin, give it some time to replenish and flourish.

I personally wanted to share my step by step skin care routine with you below in hopes this helps.

Focus - calm reactive skin, fine and deep lines, even skin tone.

Cool water wash with just a pure konjac sponge to help gently exfoliate.
Rinse with Nursery purified water without fluoride. (When my skin is exceptionally reactive I use distilled water) I find that it helps when I rinse off any mineral deposits that might be in tap water.
Dry with paper towel. (I stopped using face towels to help me ensure everything is always clean and dry)
Complex B (I will also use Pure, just depends on the day)
Nude Luster
Powder Sunscreen

Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water.
Cool water wash with pure konjac sponge.
Rinse with Nursery purified water without fluoride.
Dry with paper towel.
Complex B
Pearl Luster
Spot treatment with Silk

If you have questions say