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The Essentials

You can choose not to tailor your skin care and just get the Essentials. The Essentials are a 3 piece set that’s focused on balancing your skin, providing nourishment, hydration and a radiant glow. While the Essentials are not bespoke, they’re a great powerful clean beauty Trio for healthy glowing skin.

The Essentials includes 3 products:
Nº 1 Essential Micellar Cleanser
120ml ℮ 4fl.oz

Nº 2 Essential Face Mist
20ml ℮ .67fl.oz

Nº 3 Essential Moisture Drops
20ml ℮ .67fl.oz

Key Ingredients
• Niacinamide
• N-Acetyl glucosamine
• Ceramides
• Sodium Hyaluronate
• Sodium PCA
• Glycerin
• Allantoin

TAHNYC is made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, essential oils, colorants and fragrances.

Our signature Dew consistency is what All our products feel like because we do not add bulking, filling, texturizing add-ons. We use Powerful Ingredients and Nothing Else.

Our products are made in USA and are not tested on animals.

Replenish Whenever!

TAHNYC is like no other. Our Skin Care is made for you! With Replenish Whenever we send you a reminder when we think you might be low, you give us a heads up that you want us to ship so we can prep your skin care! No subscriptions. Easy. Simple. You decide what’s best for you. Extend your ship date to whatever is most comfortable, change, cancel or make updates at any time. There’s no need to call or email us, everything is in your Account.

So, say it’s getting to be winter and you want to add extra hydration to your skin, we can do that! Or, life get’s stressful and you had a breakout, we can help with that! Or that cute smile line just turned into WTF, I need something for Fine Lines, we can do that!

We Make Beauty Personal.