Nude Freshwater Pearl Luster

Highlighting Pearl Powder
$42.00 Instock
Lusters are pure Freshwater Pearl Powder infused with a soft Highlighting glow of mineral illume. Lusters provide breathable balance and nourishment of Freshwater Pearls with a soft dewy glow of a Highlighter. Freshwater Pearls are an anti-aging active and are used to help skin heal, they absorb skin impurities, help with hyperpigmentation, skin radiance, balance and softness. Pearl Powder has antimicrobial properties and is very effective for rosacea, acne, dryness and dry patching. Enveloped with minerals and essential amino acids that are essentials in nourishing our skin, Freshwater Pearls enhance elasticity and luminosity while promoting healing. A potent antioxidant, Pearl Powder absorbs skin impurities, aids in skin's radiance and softness. ...More