• Pure Tot . FREE for a Limited Time

    Restoring Molecular Moisturizer

    i hydrate & help restore radiance


    Our sampler Tots are a great way to try TAHNYC and discover what you love. Pure is weightless exceptionally gentle formula that Hydrates and Repairs from within. Developed with a proprietary blend of low molecule Hyaluronic Acid, infused with Niacinamide and Panthenol, Pure reduces fine lines, hyperpigmentation, evens and lightens skin tone whilst restoring firmness and suppleness.

  • Glow Beautiful Starter Tot Duo

    Perfect Starter Set


    The Glow Beautiful Tot Duo is the perfect starter sampler set to discover TAHNYC and fall in Love. Combined together, Pure and Renew is an amazing Routine that provides complete care that's focused on on Hydration, Fine Lines and Skin Radiance, this includes working on evening skin tone, addressing Pigmentation and Blemish scarring. 


    Tots are a great way to Sample TAHNYC. Let your skin make the choice and see how TAHNYC makes all the difference. For a Beautiful Simple and Easy Glow everyday!


    Glow Beautiful Starter Duo Includes

    Pure Restoring Molecular Moisturizer Tot
    Renew Antiaging Collagen Complex Tot


  • Renew Tot

    Antiaging Collagen Complex

    i help with fine lines


    Renew is a concentrated anti-aging collagen complex with focus on fine lines and wrinkles. Centered on total collagen care, it reduces wrinkles and fine lines while increasing firmness and tonicity, tightening and restoring skin's softness while improving elasticity. Water light consistency, concentrated repair, perfect to layer. 

  • Complex B Tot

    Concentrated Vitamin B5 Serum

    i heal & calm reactive skin


    Highly concentrated Waterlight Serum Infused with Vitamin B5 and a peptide complex to significantly repair and restore skin, returning it to it's smooth, supple, radiant state. Redness and Flare-Ups are under Control, Skin is Calm and Healing. Skin Tone is Bright, Even and Nourished. Fine Lines are Improved. Apply Liberally to Skin during Flare-Ups including Rosacea, Periorificial dermatitis or Contact related Allergy 

  • Contour Tot

    Cellular Peptide Complex

    i help with deep lines


    Concentrated high potency Cellular Peptide Complex with intensive focus on Deep and Fine Lines. This Powerful yet Lightweight Peptide Formula works in synergy to restore and rejuvenate skin's youthful appearance while Lifting, Tightening and diminishing Deep and Fine Lines as well as Wrinkles.

  • pearls & silk sampler

    Sample All our Powders


    Pearls & Silk Sampler includes all our powders. It's perfect to explore what freshwater pearls and silk feel like on your skin and find the perfect combination that works with your skin tone. Try them at home. Discover what you Love. 

    Sampler Includes

    Translucent Pearl Luster Freshwater Pearl Powder
    Nude Pearl Luster Highlighting Pearl Powder
    Gold Pearl Luster Highlighting Pearl Powder
    Silk Translucent Silk Powder


  • Essential Care Luxe

    Complete Care Routine for Everyday Hydrated Radiant Skin


    Essential Care is a Complete Care Routine for everyday Hydrated Radiant Skin. Complete Care sets are full routines developed to provide balanced hydration, complete care and nourishment for your skin. This is a Fundamental Duo specifically focused on Hydration, Balance and Nourishment.


  • Preventative Care Luxe

    Complete Care Routine for Fine Lines, Hydration & Radiance


    Preventative Care is a complete Care Routine for Fine Lines, Hydration and Radiance. Working in synergy to hydrate, reducing fine lines and address pigmentation, this duo rejuvenates skin's softness improving suppleness, stimulating collagen production whilst nourishing and improving radiance.

  • Elemental Luxe

    Elemental Gentle Hydration

    i hydrate & soothe


    Elemental is a gentle Molecular Hyaluronic Moisturizer for skin that needs fundamental Hydration. Dew like, it replenishes Skin's Moisture, promotes Healing and gently Soothes Redness. Perfect for Skin during Flare-Ups including Acne, Rosacea, Contact related Allergy or Periorificial dermatitis.